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HMRTECH Financial Management System


HMRTECH has a fully DCAA compliant accounting system (meeting FAR, DFARS, CFR and other applicable regulations) consisting of several components: a compliant general ledger system, a timekeeping system that meets DCAA timekeeping requirements, a way to calculate indirect billing rates and a method of generating subsidiary job cost reports.  This system is well defined with supporting policies and procedures.  

The accounting system was reviewed and accepted by DCAA.  

HMRTECH’s efficient integrated financial system (DELTEK) provides data on a Government appropriated basis for cost accounting, cost estimating, customer billing, analysis and reporting and contract vouchering. HMRTECH’s cost accounting system has adequate internal checks, balances and audit steps to isolate and identify erroneous or incomplete data and procedural deviations under controlled conditions and ensure timely corrective actions consistent with the complexity of the situation. 

HMRTECH’s Financial Reconciliation provides expenditures for current month, Period of Performance (PoP) to date expenditure information, and approved funding on contract. All data reflected in the Financial Reconciliation is adequately supported by auditable documentation and ensures that all costs are properly identified and reported. The costs reported on the Financial Reconciliation include the direct costs, allocable portions of fringe, overhead (O/H), general and administrative (G&A) and fee. HMRTECH ensures all incurred costs are captured within the specified accounting cycle and submitted NLT the 5th business day of each month. 

HMRTECH can provide accurate and timely special financial/cost reports in support of Government Program Management data requirements.

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