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HMRTECH is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards – of people, of processes, of infrastructure. The Quality Management System (QMS) represents the basic management approach of the enterprise. HMRTECH maintains a focus on continuous process improvement and integration, without sacrificing adherence to Federal, Department and local guidance and regulations, or performance against program objectives/ metrics.

The HMRTECH Team’s quality management system is a formalized quality process that is optimized for unique requirements, uses a central repository for quality-related information and self-service project management capabilities that enable Team members to track milestones, activities, tasks, deliverables and resources at all phases of the quality process, and streamline process management and document-approval routings, and drive continuous, yet controlled, process improvements.

The Team’s total quality management processes, methodologies such as Six Sigma, ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System), ISO 20000 (Information Technology Service Management); ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System); Benchmarking to gain perspective on organizational performance; and Continuous Process Improvement, enables the HMRTECH Team to create a transparent environment for proactively identifying, tracking and resolving quality issues.

These certifications, as well as earned value management (EVM), and best practices define our commitment to deliver quality products and services. Therefore, we are able to bring the full power of our talents, resources and solutions to bear for the clients we serve. 

Corporate Office

1235 South Clark Street
Suite 607
Arlington, VA 22202-4363 
Voice: (703) 416-8200
Fax: (703) 416-7798

Dayton Field Office

POC: Tracy Geiger
2900 Presidential Drive
Suite 155
Fairborn, OH 45324
(937) 401-3644